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Neath Gun Shop

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Bags, cases, lubricants, targets and holders, knives, range finders, moderators etc

Rifle & Pistol Bags

Pistol bag from £10

Rifle bags from £25

If you are considering buying a bag please bring your air rifle or air pistol with you to ensure that you purchase the correct size.

Rifle Cases

From £35

If you are considering buying a case please bring your air rifle or air pistol with you to ensure you purchase the correct size.

MTM Case-Gard

Front Rifle Rest - can also be used for pistols

Price: £35.95

Pellet Pouches (Leather)

Black or Brown

Price: £24.50

Laser Range Finders

400 - £149.00
600 - £169.00
900 - £189.99

Air Rifle Moderators (silencers)

Available for various makes and models.


We have a variety of knives in store

Firebird Exploding Targets

Price: £9.99


Shoot-N-Smash - Chalk Targets

50 chalk discs

Price: £4.25

Printed Targets (paper/card)

Price: £1.20 for 20 targets


Cobra Sling Shot

Price: £21.95

Knock Down and Shoot to Reset Target

Duck or Rat

Price: £30.00


6-9 inch bi-pod



9 - 13 inch bi-pod

Price: £69.95

Wildhunter Premium

Bipod 9x13 inch with Tilt

Price: £39.00

Various makes of slings

Prices from £10.95

Trigger Lock

Price £9.50

Gun lubricants, blueing agents and stock oils

Oils (liquid or aerosol)


Walnut oil (for gun stocks)

Blueing agents

Prices starting from £3.95

Dummies for your dog...

Price: £5.50

Air rifle springs

Various sizes available

Suitable for DIY or have it fitted in our shop

Fitting and spring costs from £25 upwards.

Spring only £18:50

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