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Neath Air Gun Centre

Neath Gun Shop

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Bags, cases, lubricants, targets and holders, hearing protection, knives, range finders, moderators etc

Rifle & Pistol Bags

From £15

If you are considering buying a bag please bring your air rifle or air pistol with you to ensure that you purchase the correct size.

Gun Cases

From £29

If you are considering buying a case please bring your air rifle or air pistol with you to ensure you purchase the correct size.

We have a variety of Rifle Slings, Cartridge Belts and Bags in store.

MTM Case-Gard

Front Rifle Rest - can also be used for pistols

Price: £35.95

Pellet Pouches (Leather)

Black or Brown

Price: £24.50

Laser Range Finders

400 - £149.00
600 - £169.00
900 - £189.99

Laser Range Finder


Air Rifle Moderators (silencers)

Available for various makes and models


Variety knives in store

Target Holder / Pellet Catcher

Price: £12.99

Target Holder / Pellet Catcher

Price: £12.99

Knock Down Target (Rabbit)

Price: £22
Knock Down Target (Bird)

Price: £22
Firebird Exploding Targets

Price: £9.99


Shoot-N-Smash - Chalk Targets

50 chalk discs

Price: £4.25

Printed Targets (paper/card)

Price: £1 for 20 targets

Printed Targets (paper/card)

Price: £1 for 20 targets

Dan Wesson Speed Loader

Price: £14.99


Cobra Sling Shot

Price: £21.95

Knock Down and Shoot to Reset Target

Duck or Rat

Price: £30.00


6-9 inch bi-pod



9 - 13 inch bi-pod

Price: £69.95

Wildhunter Premium

Bipod 9x13 inch with Tilt

Price: £39.00

Bore Snake

Rifle bore cleaners

Prices from £15

Boresnake storage case


Allen Slings

Prices from £14


Detachable Sling with swivels

Price £23.95

Ridgeline Cobra Sling

Price £17.99

Value Sling

Price £9.95

Trigger Lock

Price £9.50

Security Cable

price £24.95

Gun Safes

3 gun storage £120

Other sizes of safe available, please visit the shop or contact us for details and prices

Gun Safes

4 gun storage £130

Electronic Hearing Protection

Padded headband, slim design

200+ hrs from 4 x AAA batteries

Price £35

Gun lubricants, blueing agents and stock oils

Oils (liquid or aerosol)


Walnut stock oil

Bore cleaning fluid

Blueing agents

Prices starting from £3.95

Primos electronic predator call.

4 predator sounds: Coyote, Rabbit, Rodent, Fawn.

Remote control range of 50 yards

Batteries included

Price: £95
Wildhunter Ucaller remote control

Range up to 100 meters.

Call sounds can be changed via USB connection to your PC.

External power option.

External speaker jack.

Battery pack compatible.

Price: £90.95

Camo Leaf Blind

Price: £74.95

Dummies for your dog...

Price: £5.50

SOG Elite Adventure Pack

Price: £73

SOG Outdoor Essentials

Price: £66

Roll Up Gun Bag

Price: £15

Roll it up and clip it to your waistband when you're out shooting.

Can also be used as a rest (when rolled up) for your rifle.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Brushes, rods, jags available separately.

Sizes to fit air rifles, firearms and shotguns

Sling Swivel Mounts

Suitable for DIY or have it fitted in our shop.

Air rifle springs

Various sizes available

Suitable for DIY or have it fitted in our shop


Pigeon, duck, crow or magpie

Variety of hand-made walking sticks available

Also shooting poles/sticks

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